Of course, preventing the occurrence of Flat Head Syndrome in the first place, is far better than having to treat it.
Prevention is better than Cure.

Many parents are unaware of the potential for their child to develop a flattening of their soft skull bones, and so AWARENESS is a key factor in prevention.

If parents were made more aware of the potential risk of developing Flat Head Syndrome, then undoubtedly the number of incidents would reduce. The fact is however, than most parents are advised to lie their baby on a firm flat mattress.

The unexpected potential consequence of lying a baby on a firm, flat mattress, is that many babies do not settle sleeping and they may develop Plagiocephaly or Brachycephaly, better known as Flat Head Syndrome.

So, very simply, to prevent the risk of Flat Head Syndrome developing, direct contact of your baby’s soft skull bones with any flat surfaces must be avoided. This includes sleeping on a flat mattress, car seats, baby bouncers and lying baby on their back on the floor.

Flat Head Syndrome Prevention & Treatment

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